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The Hatha yoga groups at the studio will be starting on Tuesday 1st September 2020.

Our space is ready to welcome you again, while observing all the necessary precautions required for the safety of all of us.


The 48th Seminar with Eva Ruchpaul on the 25th-27th September has been cancelled for precautionary reasons.



When Tula Mavrides was in Paris, participating, as she did every year in the European Union Yoga seminar, she was requested by other delegates and teachers to be inspired to create a Yoga club in Greece. Their recommendation took shape, as she invited her friends and practice partners to support her and finally founded the GSY, the Greek Yoga Association, on the 19th January 1974. From then on T.M. created a foundation that still represents her values and philosophy. MORE

The ESY in cooperation with Eva Ruchpaul has organised 39 seminars in Greece –all of them unforgettable. The first one took place in Vouliagmeni, then in Sifnos, Mykonos, in Vari (Greek women scouts) in Athens, in Xylocastro and the last few years in Kalamaki, a seaside area close to Isthmia Korinthos. It has also organized yoga weekends in Aegina, by the sea, close to nature. Moreover, two interesting trips to India and Egypt took place as well.

In September 1998 the name of the Association changed from “Greek Yoga Association” to “Greek HaTha Yoga Association”. Almost 7 to 8 seminars are included in its annual activities, that are presented by prolific and gifted speakers of different specialities, and cover a wide range of interests.

In October 2007 the ESY in collaboration with the Eva Ruchpaul’s Institute, which is based in Paris, organised a three year educational program. Experienced scientists (doctors, professors of psychology and philosophy) as well as trainers of the GSY taught there. That way our Association has been enriched with new very well informed and educated trainers, who successfully sat the relevant exam tests both in Greece and Paris.

Tula Mavrides is not with us anymore, but she continues, according to her partner Marlen Pitta «to overwhelm us with her presence in a “weightless” way even now that she has passed away». The ESY continues its work with great responsibility, consistency and humility, preserving high quality, human sensitivity and well being. LESS

Τούλα Μαυρίδου

I am a Greek from Egypt. I come from the island of Samos. My father was a priest. In this booklet that bears my name “Happiness” I am generally referring to my life, especially my work; my pursuit for yoga –a path that I follow, I believe and teach. This has helped me and still does, so as to get on well with myself and the people around me; to be what I am, to be real and happy. I got married at the age of 18 to a great man, George Mavrides, and by the age of 23 I had given birth to 3 wonderful daughters: Ivi, Argini and Iro.

I was also given another great blessing in my life. I met Eva Ruchpaul, whose yoga technique was absolutely what I was seeking. This method is totally free from fanaticism and religious influences. It is called HaTha Yoga bien tempéré. Over the years a worthy group of experienced teachers along with the students has created and formed the “Greek HaTha Yoga Association”.

Extract from Toula Mavrides book
"Happiness", 1990.


Eva Ruchpaul was born in 1928. When she was 18 months she was affected with polio. At the age of 17 she started seeking for energy in HaTha Yoga. Her education was shown in her books, the last of which "Précis de HaTha Yoga" was published in 2005.

In 1971 she founded an educational Institute of which the main purpose is to educate and prepare capable future instructors. Her texts and lectures highlight her extraordinary intuition, which shows the purity that is implied in the texts of yoga: meaning the attention of breathing tied to the experience of the senses as a source of knowledge of ourselves and our development. She always maintained a strong interest in contemporary scientific discoveries in the field of biology, astrophysics but the mostly paid attention on researches concerning the human brain, neurobiology, cognitive fantasy and the level of consciousness.

Researchers and doctors have been informing the teachers of the Institute, for more than four decades, along with the knowledge of the traditional Indian way of thinking. MORE